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"So how are you today? Big day?
We feel a little tired, even exhausted? "

Say it loud and clear: "Club-Mate please" - it will help!

Because Club-Mate refreshes and stimulates, without making you all fidgety. Club-Mate is made from maté - an old South American jungle plant.

With its unique combination of naturally stimulated to take effect. Maté produces miracles every time. Even today in our era.

This is an exclusive beverage on maté. Club-Mate is like right in front of you and you enjoy.

It tastes like a soft drink, but not as sweet! It contains a unique combination of caffeine and tannin. It's exciting, but it does not makes you agitated. It's delicious and refreshing!

Therefore: "Have a drink and not a doubt!"

Club-Mate combines everything that the market demand. It quenches thirst, it's delicious, digestible, it invigorates you and propels you!

The raw material we use for Club-Mate is derived from the Yerba-tea-plant native to South America.

Out of the yerba plant we produce an extract with pure sugar, used in bottling the Club-Mate drink.

Maté tea is extremely popular in large parts of South America, the natives attribute many positive effects to it. So, it's no surprise, that maté is praised as the green gold of the Indians in Europe as well, a natural remedy, a magic potion.

In South America maté is prepared like this:
In a fist-sized gourd an infusion of maté and an equivalent amount of hot but not boiling water is made. This is slurped through a straw made from silver, while the pumpkin is repeatedly refilled with water.

We'll drink if it tastes good ...

And if in addition it is good for your body, the benefits are doubled. Maté is good for the body because in every bottle of Club-Mate there is a teaspoon of maté tea. Maté is a delight for the palate and your body can not do without.

Club-Mate is made from premium class maté tea, but it's richer, lighter and sweeter than a self-made maté infusion.

Your body needs a drink that tastes good, encourages best perfomance, but at the same time will not strain your heart.

The history of Club-Mate

Georg Latteier had been running a small beverage company in Dietenhofen/Bavaria since 1889, when on an exhibition in 1924, he first discovered the then so called "Sekt-Bronte". He acquired the licence for producing and distributing this beverage in his region of Germany. "Sekt-Bronte" was a non-alcoholic drink made from maté and several other ingredients. The maté tea leaves came from South America, where the indians had discouvered the value of maté many centuries before.

The production of Bronte went without difficulties. But severe problems arose in bottling. The beverage was very bubbly, it initially was extremely difficult to completely fill the bottles, a problem that could be solved by extensive experiments and much work. At the same time the popularity of the beverage increased.

It was advertised as having a rich taste comparable to wine.

The Latteier company delivered to restaurants in Dietenhofen and in the area about 10 kilometers around Dietenhofen. But there were places, where Bronte did not break into the market. There were many who picked up their favorite beverage by the case, directly from the company.

World War II ended production of Bronte. But after the war, Bronte was still well known, so production could soon be started again.

In 1957 Hans Sauernheimer married the daughter of the Latteier family and entered the company. A fully automated bottling machine and a capping machine were purchased. Through the enormous personal commitment of Mr. and Mrs. Sauernheimer the company became more and more successful. The area of distribution became larger and customers could have deliveries made, even after work and on sundays. Other customers picked the beverage up themselves and took it home to far away towns such as Ulm, Aschaffenburg oder and even Hamburg in northern Germany.

In 1994, due to old age, Mr. Sauernheimer sold the licence for the production of Bronte to the Loscher brewery in Münchsteinach/Bavaria.

It continues to be sold under its new Name “Club-Mate”. So, happily, we don’t have to do without it.

It all begins with a leaf ...

It's late in the evening, I'm sitting at a bar, feeling done and just about to order something, when I see a new bottle in the hand of the barmaid. The bottle’s label says "Club-Mate" and "works miracles". Whatever, a miracle is just what I need now. Out of the corner of my eye I see a stunning woman entering the bar making small talking here and there and casually moving in my direction. And here I am, looking worn down. Not much of a sight, and really not me. A miracle must happen.

Club-Mate is what I need!

I'm hearing the rhythms of Brazil… Club-Mate is in front of me. I pour it and have a sip - it tastes great, different somehow! The flavor keeps getting better as I drink - what's it called again - Club-Mate! An Ice-tea brewed with maté leaves. It tastes rich and tangy and has lots of stimulating ingredients. It's a national drink in Brazil. It’s alcohol free, but it has the right amount of caffeine.

It's no surprise, the guys in South America are always happy; the sun, samba and Copacabana, my foot. Speaking of sun - where's mine?

Sun in your heart, Club-Mate in your glass.

I can’t recall what exactly I said to her, but it can’t have been that bad - seeing how we ended up dancing for quite some time. I wonder, whether Club-Mate had something to do with it. I’m just saying: stimulating and invigorating - Brazil and the sun. She's still standing next to me and we're making easy conversation. Well, everything must end eventually. Only miracles last forever. It's late at night and I'm sitting at the bar, fit like a pro, enjoying the miracle. Out of the corner of my eye I see... Club-Mate... see you tomorrow!

Club-Mate: a miracle come true!

The original recipe of Club-Mate 330ml format, sold in cases of 24 bottles. Iced Tea Club-Mate 500ml format, sold in cases of 20 bottles. Club-Mate cola 330ml format and sold in cases of 24 bottles.

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